Company Overview

UPROSE FINMART OU has been registered as a Corporation in Estonia, European Union. The cryptocurrency exchange license issuance authority is the Estonian Financial Services Unit.

The UPROSE multidiscipline exchange is a concept that will turn the contemporary exchanges on their head. No wonder then that it's called UPROSE - "What an exchange should be". This will create a paradigm shift in the way different asset classes are traded and understood today. UPROSE is not just disruptive, it's the 4th dimension in cross asset class trading that supplants the first 3 dimensions. UPROSE expects to marginalize the stronghold of the nodal centralized exchanges and through the underlying blockchain make trading and holding digital assets (which includes futures, forwards and structured derivatives) easy and interesting.

UPROSE FINMART will facilitate the trading of foreign exchange and commodities for Bitcoin. This will be in complete contrast to the single dimensional exchanges that are currently seen all over the market place. UPROSE will span out as a universal platform for trading of spot and derivatives. An API with unmatched capabilities will also be on offer that will enable qualified dealers to build their Bots and trading algorithms around it. This will therefore as a natural corollary enhance the use cases for Bitcoin and UPROSE’S own token UPE as a medium of exchange and eventually ensure that Bitcoin and UPE become trading units of account that’s appropriate for global trade and with an additional advantage of sans restrictions.

The infrastructure that UPROSE envisages will be a unified behemoth that cuts across the verticals of foreign exchange, commodities, stocks (Indices, ETFs, Binary Options, European Options, CFDs and Futures) and cryptocurrency thereby merging them into a unified whole. The vertical nepotism can be sidelined and the march forward in the blockchain domain be all inclusive and not the privy of just a few million individuals across the globe.

UPROSE will be gradually sitting atop an analogous axis of centralized and decentralized exchanges with atomic swaps being interwoven in the architecture.

The UPE token will be a utility that will be held together on the genisis of:

Acting as a conduit for trading and exchanging assets across individuals.

Being used for Listing Services on the Exchange

Holding a distributed and incontrovertible ledger of all holdings across all asset classes.

All external agencies, parties, individuals who aid in the creation of newer vistas and can collate productive inputs which augment in making UPROSE a more complete market place will be rewarded with the UPE Tokens.